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Designit were asked by Brussels Airlines, the national airline of Belgium and part of Lufthansa Group, to participate in a pitch to design their new business class lounge experience at Brussels Airport. 

While the remaining competitors where traditional architects, Designit was the "new kid on the block", the ones that did not approach this project from an architectural angle, but by focusing on the Experience as the center of our concept. 

After two rounds of pitches, in which Designit presented the experience concept, the interior design concept, the technology as well as the service design approach, Designit was finally chosen to deliver on this amazing project.


The scope of the project was to deliver the concept as well as the full design execution and to be the Project Lead for the entire experience design.

Designit partnered with architectural firm Raumwerk from Frankfurt to be able to also deliver on the full architectural execution as well as construction site management.

Designit delivered a detailed new lounge concept, the service design concept as well as the entire interior design concept. On top of it, they combined the original scope of work with a ground-breaking digital experience concept called "Connected Lounge".

Connected Lounge has become a huge success and we enabled Brussels Airlines to partner with Microsoft, who is now their name sponsor for the Connected Lounge App. This partnership delivers additional revenue to Brussels Airlines and thus for the first time turning a Lounge from a pure cost driver, as it was in the past, into a revenue driver, as it has become now.


Designit also expanded on the original scope of the project to invent a unique digital experience concept called ‘Connected Lounge’ – a comprehensive app that allows passengers to fully customise and interact with their stay. Guests can continue to watch movies they may have started on a previous flight, book a shower, reserve a Nap Box, see what’s on offer both in-flight and in the lounge, and maintain a live connection to all relevant personal flight information. With ‘Connected Lounge’, Designit also helped Brussels Airlines to establish the perfect foundation for a strong business model in partnership with Microsoft, marking the beginning of a strong and successful relationship that has a substantial business impact.
The app perfectly complements ‘The Loft’s’ many offerings, which are cleverly defined and organised into ten different ‘hubs’ from “B.welcomed” to “B.relaxed” and “B.productive”, just to name a few. Each hub represents a different experience guests can engage in within the lounge and is the guiding principle behind the zones in the floor plan. The lounge’s layout is further enhanced by the interior design, which is inspired by a modern interpretation of Belgium cosiness and Art Nouveau.

My Role

I was responsible for the user experience and user interface design of the Windows, IOS and Android apps for implementation. Research designers began the project to complete persona mapping, user journeys and interviews to shape the offerings of the lounge app. After which point I joined the team. I worked closely with a team of developers and the project manager as the only UX/UI member of the team in this phase. The lounge architect Raumwerk was continuing in tandem to the design of the app. My tasks required the planning and roll out of all steps needed to get the app from this point to launch, this included creating flowcharts of interaction, wireframing all screens, two visual concepts, click through prototypes of interaction, rendering the final implementation ready files, snagging and overseeing the design standard of the implemented app. The Windows app came first and given the most priority as this would be the most heavily used in the lounge. I met the client to present in Brussels on a number of occasions. The "Loft" Lounge was opened along with the complementary app with great success at the end of November 2014.

My greatest learning in this project came from the upskill to design for the Windows environment. Working in a multidisciplinary team of experts was an inspiring and rewarding experience.

App Status

The Windows version went live 2014. Android and IOS to launch 2015


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