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Cylon delivers smart energy control solutions to customers in Europe, North American, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Cylon is made up of three divisions Cylon Controls, Cylon Active Energy and Cylon Energy inc. 


  • To design a user friendly product catalogue. I choose to display the products in concertina style as the products have a low volume of text. This facilitates fast browsing and minimize clicks. 
  • Three distinct user groups are accommodated. Each group is catered to via an interactive dashboard and advanced search facility. System integrators, end users and consultants. A Jquery controlled dashboard pulls targeted information from all over the site. It display news, products, case studies and resources specifically relevant to each user category.
  • A secure log in facility to follow for system integrators. Housing a help and resource library.
  • A large showcase of case studies with strong imagery and detailed profiling. A dynamic landing page facilitates 
     fast browsing. Featured case studies allow Cylon the facility to promote selected studies.
  • The site is multi region will more location soon to follow: Polish, Sweedish, Arabic and Chinese. User can easily toggle between regions via a neat country drop down in the header. Arabic posed the biggest challenge with its extended character width and reverse reading order. The solution was to allow text to be very dynamic and expanding without compromising the design in its various forms.
  • A sizable database of Cylon approved integrators are displayed in concertina for fast browsing.


One of the key objectives of this website concept is to promote the newly designed Cylon logo. The brief was to achieve this through a subtle clean and sleek design. The logo tone is carried throughout the treatment to enforce the brand identity. A palette of clean white and shades of grey are interjected with the Cylon green and a secondary of the Cylon purple. The bright colours are used strategically to encourage user engagement and interaction. The look and feel is modern, fresh and user-friendly.

My Role

I was responsible for the planning, visual web design, user experience and project management of the design portion of the project. I was the sole designer on Cylon with studio art direction. I also worked closely with the developers and SEO team. Site designed while working for Dara Creative 


Went live 2013
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