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The IGS is one of the oldest societies in the world devoted to the study of ageing. Its core purposes are:

  • Education and research in the study of ageing 
  • Promoting a better understanding by the general public of ageing and related issues 


To redesign the IGS website. There previous site was wordpress and they were eager to have a site designed to spec for their needs.

  • Information hub of resources 
  • To create clear and easy to browse event listings
  • Communicate the purpose and goals of the IGS 


The website is contemporary and user-friendly. IGS did not have brand guidelines or a consistent tone of voice so this colour palette was devised to support the IGS blue and give them a fresh modern look and feel. Large chunky icons and real photographs give the site personality and tone.

My Role

I was responsible for the planning, visual web design, user experience and project management of the design portion of the project.  I was the sole designer on IGS with studio creative direction and I worked closely with our in house development team. The site is built in Drupal.

This site was designed while working for Dara Creative 

Site Status

Live - go have a look website
Went live in Aug 2013


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