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Client: DiGi and Telenor Telecommunications

Telenor is a one of the world's largest telecommunication companies with operations in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Asia. Telenor owns networks in 12 countries with operations in 29 countries. Designit has been workign with Telenor for the last two years to create "One Screen", a radical simplification of a Telco ecosystem starting with the Danish Telenor. The DiGi project was a scaled roll out to one of Telenor's business units in Malaysia known as DiGi.


My Role

We were tasked with aligning DiGi with the Telenor "One Screen". I was relocated to Malaysia for two phases spanning three months onsite, working directly with our client in their HQ.

Phase 1: a paid scoping phase to assess the depth and breath of what would be needed to align and increase KPI's. I was tasked to plan and lead this first phase. Myself and a senior researcher were full time based in Kuala Lumpur for this project. I conducted an in-depth Heuristic analysis of the ecommerce section of their site, identifying and ranking the UX problems. We then designed a lab user test to gather qualitative research to back up these assumptions with the local users. We created a screener, wrote up the script and found a local agency to partner with to moderate the tests. We tested a total of 15 applicants across 3 days. Together with a researcher I synthesised the findings to identify and prioritise the most severe user experience problems on the site. A presentation was made to the DiGi board and marketing team onsite as the outcome of this phase. 

Phase 2: Based on the insights from phase 1, I worked with the Denmark office to create the wireframes and finished screens for the new site. During this phase myself and a Senior UX designer were based on-sight throughout with a remote team (5 designers) in Denmark, during the final two weeks all 5 team members were present in Kuala Lumpur. 


A phased roll out of the ecommerce and selfcare is in progress. 

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