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Online bookmakers. Oddballs odds system is based on a new mathematical approach to bookmaking. It frequently adjust the odds to reflect their liability on events and attract bets to offset this liability. The result is incredible odds for the user, which can be significantly better than  their competitors. They call this fluid odds. 


  • Detailed user flows for sign up and betting processes
  • Testing with multiple menu designs
  • Responsive designs
  • Incorporating ongoing feedback from the beta site


They wanted something that looked and felt very different from other bookmaker websites, clean, uncluttered and contemporary. As I was also the creator of the logo I could dictate and control the colour palette and brand identity.

My Role

I was responsible for a full branding for Oddball including competitor research, the planning, visual web design, user experience and project management of the design portion of the project.  I was the sole designer on Oddball but I worked closely with a number of developers on this site. 

This site was designed while working for Dara Creative 

Site Status

Beta - go have a look Oddball
Due to go live 2014

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