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Retrofix are a specialist contractor involved in energy efficiency upgrades to residential and commercial buildings.


  • The get a quote form was carefully designed with the client to capture all the key data that they would need to increase leeds.
  • Carbon Calculator was designed to encourage user interaction and traffic to the site.
  • Large inviting images on a landing page invite users to engage with the projects.


The brief was to create a warm inviting and consumer friendly brand and website. This was achieved through a vibrant palette used generously in application. 

My Role

A detailed competitor analysis was carried out. This analysis is determined the Retrofix brand positioning.  I was responsible for the planning, research, identity design, visual website design and project management of the project. I was the sole designer on Retrofix but I worked closely with the developer on website scope.

Site designed while working for Dara Creative


Designed 2011. This project sadly never saw the light of day, after the chop was complete and ready for integration but Retrofix as a company closed its doors due to the economic downturn.

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